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Serving the Area Since 1971

Magruder Construction Co. purchased its first Mud Cat dredge in 1971, opening a new facet of its business: dredging soil, sand and sludge. Then in 1986, it added a larger dredge, the "Mary M." In addition, we just added an even larger dredge to our fleet, the “Houston T”. We have effectively used these dredges to assist in maintaining major Mississippi and Missouri inlets, lakes and waterways. In 2008, a major flood brought on the need to create or reinforce levees and dredge harbors and inlets from the silt that had accumulated. Magruder Construction was there to assist our neighbors with these dredging operations and help keep the Mississippi River open as America's water highway. We have proudly worked closely with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on many projects such as the ones shown below.

Over the past 30 years we have developed a highly-skilled team of personnel who balance professionalism with productivity to give you the best value for your projects. In addition, our design team can assist you in the engineering of your project.

Our dredges are extremely well-maintained, preventing downtime on the job and insuring your project is completed on time. In addition, our dredges are equipped with the latest technology and GPS equipment which allows us to precisely control the dredge cut.
Depending on your needs, we have several dredges available. Our largest dredge is the "Houston T" and she joins the "Mary M". Together, they have completed jobs in excess of one million cubic yards and transported material over three miles.
Our mudcat is a one-truck transportable dredge that can handle any job under 20,000 yards in small areas. It is primarily used in smaller lakes, ponds and around boat harbors.
Often working in tight environments, we have successfully completed projects as small as 1,500 cubic yards in emergency situations where job runoff has spoiled water conservation areas as well as completed jobs in the backwaters of the Mississippi to improve fish habitat.
In addition to our dredges, we also have the barges and equipment to mechanically dredge and place rip rap on the shore for protection.

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